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Proteus MMX Training Manual - Service Requests


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Service Requests

1. Overview

The Service Request Module allows anyone with access to a web browser and the company's Proteus MMX URL to submit a request for maintenance to be performed. A requester can access the Service Request form from the MMX login screen, without the need for a login and password to the full system. 

2. Details

When a requester clicks the Service Request link, they're taken to the Details screen. The Details provides a customizable form field related to the problem or request. The requester fills out the pertinent fields and then clicks the Submitbutton when complete.

The submitted Service Request is sent to the Service Request Administrator module in Proteus MMX where a supervisor or maintenance manager can view and edit the requests At this point, the request can also be assigned to a technician and set to automatically email to that technician and/or other employees (i.e. their supervisor). The Service Request Administrator will then choose to Acceptor Declinethe request. Once accepted, the request will become a work order in the system. 

Note: The requesters can be automatically notified if their request becomes a work order and when the work order is completed if there is a status change and when it is closed.

3. Pending Service Requests

If a requester has sufficient rights, they can view a list of all pending requests. These are requests that have been submitted, but not accepted or declined yet by a service request administrator. The requester can check if their problem or request has already been submitted by another person. 

4. Work Orders

If a requester has sufficient rights, they can view the list of work orders in the system. The requester can view any status updates to their request here once it is accepted and becomes a work order.

5. Email

If a requester has sufficient rights, they can view the Email tab in Service Request. Here they can send a message to a supervisor or employee with any additional information regarding their service request before it is submitted. 

6. Attachments

If the requester has sufficient rights, they can view the Attachments tab in Service Request. Here they can attach a file (Excel, Word, PDF, video, picture, etc.) to their service request before it is submitted.

7. Entering Data

To enter a new Service Request, follow these steps:

1. From the Proteus MMX login screen, click the Create a new service requestlink

2. Enter the necessary fields on the Details screen.

Note: If you have sufficient rights, you can also

3. Enter the email address(es) of the persons who should receive notification of the request.

4. Enter any attachments (text, movie, sound, etc. files) to the request.

5. When the service request is complete, click the Submit button. You will receive the following message.

Service Request Administrator

1. Overview

The Service Request Administrator module allows a supervisor or maintenance manager to view the incoming Service Requests. This module is accessed from Proteus MMX once logged into the system. 

A Service Request Administrator can edit any of the service requests from here. They can edit the requester's information, add additional information such as assigning a technician and/or tasks, adding relevant email addresses or adding attachments.

When they're satisfied with the information on the Service Request, the administrator can then Accept the request. Once accepted, the service request will be deleted from the list and will become a Work Order in Proteus MMX.

Note: Service Requests must have a Target (asset or location) attached to them before they can be accepted.

The administrator can also choose to Decline the Service Request if it is a duplicate record for example.

Note: Service Requests can be set to automatically send an email to the requester telling them that their request has been accepted or declined. An email can also be sent automatically to an Administrator telling them that a new request has come in. These features are accessed in the Settings of Proteus MMX.

Note: Service Requests can be set to automatically notify the requester when their work order status changes, is completed or is closed. The features are accessed in the Settings or Proteus MMX.

2. Service Request Numbering

Request Numbers in the Service Request Administrator page are assigned automatically. Proteus MMX will number the work orders in a date-code fashion (YYYYMMDDNNN, with "N" being a sequential number starting with 001). 

3. Custom Service Request Numbering

The user has the option to create a custom template for Service Request numbering. This can be done through Settings.

To Create the Custom Work Order Numbering Template:

1. Go to Service Requestsfrom the Settingsdrop-down

2. Select Service Request Numbersoptions

3. Select the Use Custom Service Request Numbercheckbox

4. Enter a Minimum Range Value

5. Enter a Maximum Range Value

6. Enter a Prefix

7. Enter a Suffix 

8. If desired, click the Leading Zeroscheckbox

  Custom Service Request Numbering Defined Terms:

  • The Minimum Range Valueis the first number in the Request Number. The Service Requests will be auto-incremented until they reach the Maximum Range Value.
  • The Maximum Range Valueis the last possible request number in the template.
  • The Prefixis a string that will form the first part of the request number.
  • The Suffixis a string that will be added after the range.
  • If Leading Zerosis selected, Proteus MMX will show all leading zeros in the request (001 vs. 1). 

4. Entering Data

A service request administrator can create a new work order directly from the Service Request Administrator page.

Creating a Work Order from Service Requests

To Create a Work Order:

  1. Open Service Requestsfrom the Service Requests Functional Area.
  2. Click the Newbutton. 
  3. Enter Description, Target and any other necessary data on the Detailstab.
  4. Save the request to continue to remaining tabs.
  5. All remaining tabs/information can be entered at this point.
  6. Saveyour selection.
  7. You can then click the green check mark to Acceptthe request, or you can return to the record navigator, select the request and click the Acceptbutton.

Note: "Targets" can be an asset, Customer Asset, Location, or Customer Location.

Accepting a Service Request

To Accept a Service Request:

  1. Open Service Requestsfrom the Service Requests Functional Area.
  2. Select the request from the record navigator.
  3. Click the green check markto Acceptthe Service Request.

Declining a Service Request

To Decline a Service Request:

  1. Open Service Requestsfrom the Service Requests Functional Area.
  2. Select the request from the record navigator.
  3. Click the red circleto Declinethe Service Request.

Adding Requester

To Add a Requester:

  1. Open Service Requestsfrom the Service Requests Functional Area.
  2. Select the request from the record navigator.
  3. Fill out the new requester's information.
  4. Click the Saveicon.

Send Survey to Requester

To Send Survey to the Requester:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Service Request.
  3. Click Notifications.

   4. Click the Send Survey to Requester.From there, you can elect to submit it Upon Work Order Complete or Work Order Close.