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Proteus MMX Training Manual - Tasks


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1. Overview

The Tasks page in the Work Order Functional Area functions to create specific maintenance tasks that are used in the completion of work orders and performed at regular intervals. A task that allows a description, labor craft, and estimated hours of completion to be associated with it. Tasks can be generic, such as replace, inspect, or calibrate. They can also be safety-related or machine-specific tasks.

The fields listed in the Record Navigator are:

  • Task Number
  • Description
  • Labor Craft Code
  • Estimated Hours

2. Details

The Details Tab consists of fields directly related to task management. These fields are:

  • Task Number
  • Description
  • Labor Craft Code
  • Estimated Hours

Note: Devote careful planning to the development of the task code library and tasks descriptions. The effort spent in devising task codes tailored to the facility's operations will result in easier work order production and clear, precise maintenance procedures. 

A Tasks Number identifies all tasks. Use any numbering scheme that makes sense. However, it is preferable to number by type of work, or by type of equipment.

Using a logical numbering scheme, tasks can be organized into groups by prefixes and suffixes like the following examples:


  • INSP - Inspection                                  
  • LUB - Lubrication
  • SAF - Safety
  • VIB - Vibration
  • CAL - Calibration
  • CLN - Cleaning
  • FAB - Fabrication
  • LOP - Lockout/Tag Out Procedure
  • ADJ - Adjust
  • CHG - Change
  • TST - Test


  • 000-099 - Custodial 
  • 100-199 - Electrical
  • 200-299 - Mechanical 
  • 300-399 - HVAC
  • 400-499 - Facilities
  • 500-599 - Carpentry
  • 600-699 - Painting
  • 700-799 - Plumbing
  • 800-899 - Bldg./Grounds
  • 900-999 - Welding 

Tasks can also be assigned a labor craft, which will determine which employees can perform a task. Tasks can also be assigned a number designating the estimated hours to complete the task. This is used in scheduling labor on a work order.

3. Entering Data

To enter a new Task into the database, follow these steps:

  1. From the Tasks Record Navigator, select the New icon
  2. Enter the Task Number, Labor Craft Code, and Description. You can also enter the Estimated Hours for the task.  ⇒ Note: Each Task Number must be unique
  3. Select the Saveicon on the top-right of the screen. (You can also select the Save and Continueicon on the top-right of the screen if you wish to add another new Task now.)