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3.7.10 Inspection Module Release Notes

Inspection Module

1. Inspections from Inspection Admin Console 

1. Create Inspection:

(i) Enter the following URL:

NOTE: In this case, MMX37 is the site you will use.

The user can also log in to the admin console if the user has the Inspection Console Admin role

NOTE: Only the administrator can grant this permission to the user.

(ii) Click on Newto create inspection.

(a) Inspection Type:

There are two types of inspections:

1. Single Service

2. Group Service

For Group Service, the user needs to enter the Section Name. 

(i) Click on the (+)icon to add questions and (-)to remove questions.


(b) Response Type:

There are multiple response types:
(i) Pass/Fail

(ii) Standard Range (Accepts decimal and negative range values)

(iii) Yes/No/N/A (Logic is involved in this response type)


YES could be either positive or negative, if YES is toggled to PASS, then it means it's positive, and FAILit's negative

As the user selects PASS/FAIL for YES; NO would be set to Fail/Pass automatically. 

(iv) Count

(v) Text

(vi) Multiple Choice

(vii) NONE: It's a statement


Response types with group type inspection:

All responses will work for the same group, as work for single inspections with minor changes.

(+) and (-)added in all rows, in case the user needs to add or remove any question, between two questions; then the user can use the (+) and (-)

For multiple choice responses, there's an extra icon and its copy. By clicking on this icon, the user can create a copy of the same question. 

(c) Estimated Hours and Signature

 (i) Estimated Hours: Estimated Hours added for both Single and Group Inspection Type(s).

(ii) Mobile Signature:

For Single Inspection Type:

For Group Inspection Type:

2. Update and Delete Inspection:

For Single Inspection Type:

For Group Inspection Type:


2. Inspection in Proteus MMX Web Inspection Module 

(i) Go to Proteus MMX (Web):

For the user: The User must have user permission to access Inspection & Calibration (INSP/Cal)module, to use this feature.

Access Instructions:

1. Go to Rights module

2. Click on Users from the module drop-down menu

All added inspections will be shown in INSP/Calmodule, under the Work ORder drop-down menu. 

Access Instructions:

1. Go to Work Orders module

2. Click on INSP/Cal from the module drop-down menu

3. Associating an inspection in Work Order Master module

(i) Associate inspections in Work Order Master through INSP/Cal tab.

- Click on Add Inspectionbutton

- For Miscellaneous/Single questions, click on the expand icon in the top-right corner, then add any question.

- For Group questions, click on expand for all questions, and click on the (+)icon to associate that group inspection with the work order master.

(ii) Add employee or contractor

Add Employee/Contractor button will be enabled after adding inspection.

As the user clicks on Addbutton, the following window will populate, prompting the user to associate an employee or contractor.


The Labor Craft code of the employee or contractor is also displayed after saving the record.

(iii) A work order will be created after the activation of the work order master through the user of the manual or scheduler services.

Access Instructions:

1. Go to the Work Orders module

2. Click on Work Orders from the module drop-down menu

3. Edit a work order record

4. Click the INSP/Cal tab (to the right of the Attachments tab)

4. Fill Inspection Answers from Mobile Application

Log in to the mobile application, then click on Work Order from the dashboard. After you've accessed the Work Order module, you will select the activated work order record and go to the INSP/Cal tab.

Enhancements in Inspection:

(i) Inspection Start Date and Inspection Completion Date added in Inspection tab. (Validation and Auto fill cases applied.)

(ii) Manual Timer added in the Inspection field.

(iii) Labor Craft Code for Employee and Contractor displays in Inspection

(iv) Estimated Hours displays for Group and Miscellaneous inspections. 

The user must fill out the response based on inspection type (e.g. Pass/Fail, Yes/No/N/A, Range, Count, etc.)

After the first attempt, Total INSP/Cal time is Null. 

The user can manually enter the time or click on Start Timer, and the INSP/Cal Timer will start. The Start Timer button will be turned to Stop Timer. As the user clicks on the Stop Timer, the INSP/Cal timer will be displayed and the current date will appear, as well. 

As the user clicks on Save or Save INSP/Cal, the INSP/Cal timer will be added to the Total INSP/Cal Time

1. Add Signature

The Add Signature feature will be shown when Mobile signature requiredcheckbox is selected from the Inspection Administration console. 

2. Work Order from Inspection:

For a positive response, the answer field will appear GREEN and RED for a negative response.

If there are any negative responses to the inspection, then the Create Work Order button will be shown on top of the Inspection tab.

By clicking on the Create Work Order button, the user can create a work order.


The Additional Details/Note field displays all inspections with responses.

In a create a work order, a task & labor record will be added by default. 

5. Answer Reflecting on Web

All responses, answers, and details (the INSP/Cal timer, Star and End Date, Estimated Hours, and Signaturewill be shown in the INSP/Cal tab, in Proteus MMX (Website).

Access Instructions:

1. Click on the Work Orders module

2. Click on Work Orders from the module drop-down menu

3. Edit a work order record

4. Click the INSP/Cal tab

Click on View Signature, if the Signature is added to the mobile inspection. 

6. Inspection of Closed Work Order

When the user closes a work order (through mobile or web), all inspection details associated with that work order will transfer to the Closed Work Order module.

Closed Work Order in Web:

Access Instructions:

1. Go to the Work Orders module

2. Click on Closed Work Orders from the module drop-down menu

3. Select a record and click the View icon

4. Click on the INSP/Cal tab

Closed Work Order in Mobile:

7. Inspection Report

The user can access the Inspection Report feature by navigating to the Asset Page and selecting an asset that is used in the inspection-associated work order master.

After selecting the asset, the user will click on theInspection on Asset icon. Once the user has completed that step, they'll see the below report populate:


The user can select 5 to 10 of the latest records in View Last Work Order. It will always show the latest work orders.

Expand the Group:

Enhancement in Report:

(i) Signature added in Inspection Report (Inspection on Asset)

(ii) Excel Export icon and Graph icon (only for Group Inspection Type) is added in the Inspection Report.


The graph will be shown only for Count and Range values.


The graph will show the latest 5 to 10 created inspection records.

Excel Report:


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