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Version 3.7.10 Release Notes

1. Improvements in Inspection Reports

  • Graph (count, numeric [range]) an option for the graph will be there on top of each section for numeric/decimal/range values.
  • Excel report is also added to the inspection report.

2. Precision for Decimal Values (Range) is Dynamic from Proteus MMX Settings (Just Hard Code to 4 Decimal Values), in Inspection Admin Console.

3. We’ll use the user table from Proteus MMX, rather than the template user to log into the inspection console.

4. Inspection Console Admin” Checkbox Added to Rights.

Access Steps:

Rights >> Users

NOTE: If “Inspection Console Admin” is checked for any user then that user can login in inspection admin console.

5. By default, we are showing the last five work orders’ data in the inspection report (asset); and an option is added to choose 10 work orders’ data as well (via drop-down)

6. There Are Some Changes in the Admin Inspection Console:

a) Adding one more option N/A to YES NO
b) Adding logic to set Pass/ Fail to YES/NO

NOTE:  YES could be either positive or negative, if YES is positive then It’s Pass and Fail for negative. As user select Pass/Fail for YES, NO would be Fail/Pass automatically.

7. In Inspection/Calibration, Labor Craft Code Showing in Work Order Master /Work Order /Closed Work Order/Inspection Report.

8. “Estimated Hours” field added in admin Inspection console.

9. Inspection cost deduction as per employee/contractor labor craft is also done in work order.

10. Inspection added to following modules:

a)Work Order

b)Work order master

c)Time card


e)Closed work order

f)Labor load balancing

g)Labor planner

11. Improvements to Time Card Page

12. Report: Three reports merge into one report (Inventory Location with Cost) 

  • Inventory cost
  • Inventory location
  • Inventory location by part number

13. Visible role removed from access rights in attachments from all modules

14. Reorder List - Shopping Cart Icon Enhancement:

1. When a user creates the requisition/PO within Proteus MMX the icon should be displayed on the reorder list.
2. The user can select the multiple records and create the requisition and the icon will be shown for all selected parts in reorder list.

15. “Language” turned to a mandatory field in user module.

16. Requester email field will be shown only when a work order is created from the service request.

17. Email notification of service requests (per facility) is checked - now mail triggers at the creation of service request.

18. The work order master template feature can be switched off and on.

19. MMX Using “Currency layer API” to get currency exchange.

20. “License Agreement” Added in Settings.

NOTE: If a user agrees to the license agreement, he/she will gain Proteus MMX permission. For the first time and every time when the system (Proteus MMX) updates, the user will get this agreement as he/she login.

21. Key Performance Indicators Improvements

22. Memory Optimized

23. Improved speed on Multiple Pages

The following pages have improved speed in most recent update:

  • Requisition >> Part Tab >> Add Stockroom Part Dialogue    
  • Requisition >> Part Tab >> Add Stockroom Part Dialogue After Save
  • Purchase Order >> Part Tab >> Add Stockroom Part Dialogue
  • Assets
  • Work Order
  • Assets System >> Edit Page >> Closed 
  • Assets System >> Listing 
  • Closed Work Orders >> View Page >> Closed 
  • Closed Work Orders >> Closed Work Orders >> Listing 
  • Planner

24. Extra tables have been added to the database. Cost data will allow for quicker processing and reporting

25. “Download Files” added in general category in settings.

Access Steps:

Settings >> General >> Download files

Proteus MMX allows the customer to download files from a particular path (the path is configurable), and this feature can be switched off or on.

26. Proteus MMX does not support PO cancellation when partially received.NOTE: Previously, this feature only worked for a fully received PO.

27. Past overdue icon removed when PO is fully received.

28. Year and cost center name added in the header to cost centers

Access Steps:

Company >> Cost centers

29. “Barcode Print” added in inventory module in settings

There are two report types in barcode print, Default and Custom:

30. “Forgot Password” text style is changed

31. Proteus MMX now has the option to show and hide the access right feature in attachments

“Rights” field added in attachment rights. (Completed for all modules)

Access Steps:

Rights >> Roles >> SelectRole >> RightsTab

32.  In this version, the Date type field option for user fields will be removed from the Proteus MMX user interface. If a user wants to use any specific user field as a Date field they’ll need to reach out to Technical support. Current user fields as a Date type will not be impacted. This will be enhanced in a future version.

Specific to a customer: -

33. PO export feature added to a specific accounting package.