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Version 3.5 Release Notes

1. Settings added to Show Tree List On in Work Order:

Settings >> General >> Global options

Previously only available for Assets.

2. Print icon added in Work Order list for printed Work Orders:

Work Orders >> Work Orders

3. Copy feature added to Tasks page

Work Orders >> Tasks

4. Attachment Files added in Attachment in Rights:

Rights >> Roles >> Edit >> Rights >> Asset >> Asset Systems >> Asset Dialog >> Attachments.

5. Requester can be added from Service Request page.

6. Facility drop-down added under Work Orders planner:

Work Orders >> Planner

7. “Punjabi” language added in Translation

Settings >> General >> Translations

8. Average Cost is added to new Unit Cost on Transaction and Receiving Purchase Order.

New Average Cost. = (Old Average Cost * Old quantity) + (New Average Cost * New quantity)/ total new quantity

  • Old Average Cost = Average value of the stockroom part (Unit Cost)
  • Old quantity = Quantity on Hand of the stockroom part
  • New Average Cost = New Unit Cost which user will enter.
  • New Quantity = New quantity which user will be entered. (Adjustment Quantity)
  • Total new quantity = Old quantity + New quantity

(i) Inventory >> stockrooms >> edit stockroom >> select stockroom part and perform transaction.

(ii) Purchasing >> Purchase Orders >> Receive parts
At part receiving time avg. the cost will be reflected inventory stockroom parts.

9. Checkbox added to Send Survey to the requester:

Settings >> Service Requests >> Notifications.

10. Modules added to Rights:

Rights >> Roles >> Edit any role >> Rights

(i) Requester and Addresses under Company in Settings.

Settings >> Company >> Addresses
Settings >> Company >> Requesters

(ii) Custom Work Order Master and Labor Load Balancing under Work Orders.

Work Orders >> Custom Work Order Master (Custom Work Order Master Settings will show up only when the user has the license for it. Or else the setting won’t be visible)

Work Orders >> Labor Load balancing

(iii) Purchasing Escalation and all actions under Purchasing.

Purchasing >> Purchasing Escalation

11. An upload tool is added to Custom Report to upload only .rpt files.

Reports >> Custom Reports – Custom Reports

12. The user is in read-only mode in Service Request Administrator role.

Rights >> Roles >> Edit Service Request Administrator role >> Users tab—now it is in read only mode.

13. Now, by default, every user will have attachment role in every module.

Access by; Assets – Assets >> Edit any Asset >> Attachments

The user can set “access rights”

14. Mandatory fields options in Settings for Work Orders at completion time and if all tasks have a completion date then add completion date to the Work Order.

Cost Center and Work Type will be required for Preventive Maintenance Work Orders. The cause will be required on Demand Maintenance Work Orders.

Go to Settings >> Work Orders >> Work Order Numbers to turn this on:

15. A search option is added for Vendor in Create Requisition.

Purchasing >> Requisitions >> Create New Requisition

16. “Total Quantity Available” column added in Physical inventory Worksheet and Reorder List reports.

(i) Reports >> Inventory >> Physical Inventory Worksheet

(ii) Reports >> Inventory >> Reorder List

17. “Assign To” field added to Quick Work Order page.

Quick links >> Create Work Order >> Assign To

18. “Last Login Date” column added in Users.

Rights >> users

19. Fiscal Year Module under Company >> Cost Center.

If we select the fiscal month as 'January', the screen will show the current year and following months will show up from 'Jan Current Year' to 'Dec Current Year'. (Ex: Jan 2017 to Dec 2017)

If we select fiscal month as other than January (i.e., from Feb to Dec), then the screen will show the Fiscal Year as 2018 the following year from the current (Ex: If the current year is 2017, dropdown will show the following year as 2018) and following months will show up as 'One Less than currently selected value'. If I select April as Fiscal Year Start Month, then the budget will be from April 2017 to May 2018.

20. Cost Center column added in Service Request.


21. “Total Quantity available” column added in Parts in Work Order.

Work Order >> Detail Page >> Parts Tab

22. “Total Quantity available” column added in Parts Look-Up list in Work Order.

Work Order >> Detail Page >> Parts Tab >> Add/Edit Parts Dialog >> Look Up List

23. “Maximum Purchase amount” column added to employee.

Personnel >> Employee

24. “Grand Total amount” column added in Requisitions.

Purchasing >> Requisitions

25. There is an enhancement in the “Print” functionality of work order module.

Settings >> global setting

A setting “Export to Rich Text on Work Order” is added.

If selected YES, then work order will print in 'Rich Text Format' else it will print in normal format.

26. Requisitions and Purchase Orders will be shown based upon COST CENTER. The user can see only his/her cost center requisitions and purchase orders.

27. Work order start and work order completion date add added in read-only mode at task and labor dialog in work order

Work orders >> work order >> Edit/create>> Task and Labor >> add /update task and labor

28. Two columns are added for Requisition Approval.

Purchasing >> Requisitions >> Edit Requisition>> go to Approval tab


29. Purchase order Number column added to Inventory Stockroom parts.

Inventory >> Stockrooms >> edit stockroom >> Go to Stockroom Parts Tab

30. Four new columns have been added to the “Service Request List” page.

Maintenance code, Assigned To Employee, Shift and Work Type.

31. Active Directory check box added in user detail page.

Rights >> Users >> User Detail A new checkbox with the name Active Directory has been added

If this checkbox is checked then User is not required to enter 'password', 'confirm password' and 'days until password expires' field which are mandatory fields

If it is not checked, then the functionality will work as before