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Version 3.4 Release Notes

1. Work Order

Location Tree Hierarchy

  • Within a Work Order, a Location Hierarchy will be added when the double folder icon is selected.  NOTE:  It only needs to be selected once per Work order.


 2. Service Request without login (Main page)

Administrator assigns

  • Facility-specific selections can be turned on or off.
  • The following setting will be added to Settings - General - Global Options
    • Service request facilities filter  YES      NO (Radio button)

  • If YES then service request filter will work.
    • (1) This dropdown will populate requesters based on facilities selection by the user
    • (2) New facilities dropdown will be added; it will show all facilities in ascending order.
    • If NO then create service request page will continue to work as it is allowing for any selections (not facility or user based)    

3. Stockroom Parts fields

  • The administrator can now show or hide all 10 user fields for the Stock Room Part on this screen. (No need for the user to go back on part details to see those 10 user fields). 

4. Search for Requester field added

  • When there is a large volume of requesters, the search function can be utilized to quickly find a particular requester by typing in a few key letters.

5. Portal List 

  • A Button has been added to the login page that links to a portal list

NOTE: a user does not have to log in to access this. This access can be customized in Global Settings.

6. Work Order Master

  • The user can now append multiple targets for a work order.

7. Stockroom Parts and Assets

    - Asset Detail 

  • A plus sign and minus sign button for manually adding or removing assets from the list. 
  • When adding a new record, the user will have all the fields listed above available for editing, but only once.  After the record is saved, the quantity and date last used will be automatically updated by the system.
  • In Assets:   For each asset, a new list called Part Use Summary has been added.

- Stock Room Part Detail

  • This will reflect what is shown in the ‘Where Used’ list but reversed (showing stockroom part instead of an asset).