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Decommissioning Policy (Cloud)

When a website in our cloud environment is decommissioned, Eagle Technology will generally make a final snapshot of the underlying SQL Server database available by our fileshare to the primary contact for our client. Verifiable notification of this process and the availability of this backup will be sent to our client. (For example, such as registered mail, UPS with signature required, etc)

This backup will be available for 30 days. We do NOT guarantee availability of this backup or other hosted data beyond 30 days after MMX hosting has stopped, and attempts to retrieve backup information outside this window may be subject to professional services fees and may not be possible. Standard software to read this backup – including but not limited to Microsoft SQL Server, a zip file archive reader, a web browser to retrieve the backup, and so on – are the responsibility of the client receiving the backup file.

A backup will NOT be provided of demo or test sites, as these should not contain production data. These databases will be erased.

In the unlikely event a website is decommissioned due to a violation of our terms of service or acceptable use policy, a backup will be provided only if we believe that generating such a backup after a TOS violation does not present a risk to ourselves or others.

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  • 13-Jun-2018