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Purchasing Escalation Overview

1. Overview

When Requisition Grand Totalexceeds Employee Maximum Purchase Amount,the escalation process will begin.

 First, we have to create an Escalation Groupfor this process.

 Escalation will be started only after it's selected from Settings.

 Settings >> Global Options 

NOTE: After selecting this setting, the user has to logout of his/her account to reflect Purchasing Escalation in Purchasing.

Purchase Escalation Guide

Step 1 - Adding Maximum Purchasing Amount:

Add Maximum Purchase Amountwhile creating an Employee.(Personnel >> Employees)

Step 2 - Accessing Purchase Escaltion Module:

Go to Purchasingand select Purchasing Escalation.

Step 3 - Creating New Purchase Escalation:

Select Newto create an Escalation Group.

The Escalation group can ONLY be created by the Administrator and those users who have the Administrator role. 

Select Facilityfrom the drop-down box, assign a name to the Escalation Group and add Employees to create the group. Enter an Escalation Interval

NOTE: If an employee doesn't approve the amount within given escalation interval, an email will automatically be sent to the next employee in the escalation group.

The UP and DOWN arrows (red-marked area) shown below, is to help set an escalation order.

You can simply drag-and-drop an Employee from left to right, or you can use the Manage Employeebutton (+/-) to add/delete, as shown below:

As the facility selected:

  1. The facility employee, assoicated to any user will be displayed.
  2. All employees associated to those who have the Administrator role, will be displayed.
  3. All employees associated to those who are assigned to the role that belongs to the selected facility, will also be displayed. 

NOTE: After requisition creation, only the users who fulfill one of three above scenarios, will be allowed to see the requistion. 

Step 4 - Creating a Requisition

  • Add any needed Stockroom Parts
  • Add any needed Non-Stockroom Parts
  • Add Assets

Now, check the Grand Total.

  • If the Requistion Grand Total is LESS than the Employee's Maximum Purchase Amount, then the Escalation process will not be initiated.
  • If the Requistion Grand Totalis GREATER than the Employee's Maximum Purchase Amount,then the Escalation process will start. 

NOTE: Anyone an create a Requisition whether he/she belongs to that escalation group or not, but a user must belong to that escalation group facility. 

If the requisitioner is not in an escalation group, then escalation will start from the first employee in the group, but if the requisitioner is in the group (supposing this requisitioner is the third employee in the order) then the escalation will start from the fourth employee of the escalation group.

  • Select Requisition and assign a Purchase Order Number.

As we know, this employee's purchase limit is less than the Requisition's Grand total. So, they will get an alert.

If the employee clicks CANCEL, then the approval process will be terminated.

  • When the employee clicks the OK button, the first employee employee in the requisition order will get an email

  • That employee will click on the Click here for approvallink in the email body (as indicated in the above image).
  • The following page will populate as a result:

  • If that employee's limit is less than the Requisition Grand total, he or she will be able to forward this email to the next employee in the escalation group by clicking on the YES button. 

  • After clicking on Forward, the next employee will get an approval email.
  • As this employee clicks on Click here for approval  in the email body, he or shee will get a report with escalation detail.
  • If this employee's purchase limit is equal to or greater than the requistion grand total, then he  or shee will get a pop-up to approve that requisition. The user will click the YES button in the above screen, and the Requisition will be approved.

NOTE: The approval level can be checked in the Approval Tabin Requisitions. 

Once the Requisition is approved, we need to assign the Purchase Order.

  • For assigning a PO, there is a setting in GlobalOptions :
    • Settings >> General >> Global Options

If Auto PO is selected:

When the last employee in line approves a Requisition, a PO number will assigned automatically (Populates in the YYYYMMDDxxx format (xxx=sequential numbering)). 

If PO assigned by Last Person on Escalation Group is selected:

The last employee to approve the Requisition will be allowed to enter a PO number

If PO assigned by Requisitioner on Escalation Group is selected:

When the last employee approves the Requisition, an email will be sent to the Requisitioner.

  • If an employee finds a reason to not approve a requisition, they should click the NO button and send an email to the requisition creator and all employees who forwareded that requisition with a reason why, so all are aware that the requistion is not being approved. 

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