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Version 3.8.3 Release Notes

Proteus MMX 3.8.3

  1. Proteus MMX reverted shelf/bin functionality.

Now we have single shelf/bin functionality.

Inventory >> Stockroom >> stockroom parts

  1. KPI's rendered on IE browser.

KPI’s were not showing at IE browser.

  1. In this release Shelf/bin field added at receiving window.

Purchasing >> Purchase order >> Receiving window

  1. Facility name field is added in service request notifications emails

  1. Proteus added Icon for "Attachments Present" onto Attachment Tab in work order module.

Work orders >> work order >> edit >> attachment tab

Icon will not be shown if no attachment added.

  1. MMX updating parts last cost by Vendor last cost from stockroom part.

Inventory >> Parts >> Listing page (Last Cost Amount and Last Cost Currency)

Whenever vendor last cost is updating in stockroom parts (stockroom module) then it’s reflecting in parts module (at listing) page

Stockroom Parts >> Vendor screenshot:-

Parts page screenshot:-

  1. MMX added LOTO (Lockout/ Tag out) Url in asset module that will reflect in work order too.

LOTO Url is showing in asset module at detail and listing page.

LOTO Url is showing in work order, when it’s created on asset that have LOTO Url. It’s showing in read only mode.

  1. MMX changed search filter data limitation.

There is a change in MMX List page filters, now the max input limit a user can put is 250 characters.