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Proteus MMX - Inspection on Asset

Inspection on Asset

Feature Overview

How to create an inspection on asset:

1. Go to the Assets module drop-down field and click Assets.Once in the Assets Navigator, click the Newicon.

2. Fill out the necessary details on the Asset Detail page and click Save.

3. Select the newly created asset in the Asset Navigator and click on Inspection on Asset.

NOTE: The user will notice that there is not a record in the report because there is not a closed work order that has the inspection.

4. Go to the Work Orders module drop-down field and click Work Order Masters.Once in the Work Order Masters Navigator, click the New icon.

5. When adding assets to the work order master, the user will select the asset they created earlier.

6. Once the asset has been added, the user will click the Inspectionstab. From there, the user will add a Groupand/or Miscellaneousquestion.

7. The user will create the schedule for this work order master.

8. Enter the inspection answer from the mobile application. Edit the above schedule in the mobile application.

9. From the Work Order Details page in the mobile app, click the Inspectiontab and fill in the answer.

10. Close the work order from either the web or mobile app.

11. Go back to the Asset Navigator and select the asset. Once the asset is selected, click on Inspection on Asset.

NOTE: When the user clicks Inspection on Asset,the below report will be displayed:

12. Expand the group associated with the work order master.

NOTE 1: If one group/miscellaneous question has six closed work orders,  then it is showing the latest five work orders.

NOTE 2: The user can also view signatures in the Inspection Report.

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  • 21-Jun-2018