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Proteus MMX - Stock Order List

Feature Overview

How to Access & Create a New Stock Order List:

1. Go to Purchasing and select Stock Order List.

Purchasing >> Stock Order List

2. Click on Addto create a stock order list.

3. From the below image, select multiple parts of different vendors.

  • Select two (2) parts.
  • Select a stockroom from the drop-down.
  • Vendor and Vendor Last Cost will be shown based upon stockroom.
  • Select Quantity Ordered,it is a mandatory field.
  • After filling in every detail, click the Nextbutton.

4. At the next screen, enter Stock Order Numberand click again, on Next.

5. Review the on the Cost screen. Click Next.

6. Review the details on the Shipping screen. Select a shipping address. Click Next.

7. Review the details on the Billing screen. Select a billing address. Click Next.

8. If necessary, fill out all information fields on the Email screen. Once completed, click Save. 

9. When the record is saved, a message will pop up notifying the user of a successful record submission.

10. After the record has been saved, click Cancelto go back to the Stock Order Listpage.

11. From the Stock Order List page, select a created stock order then the actions (Edit, View, Delete, and Assign Purchase Order Number) will be enabled. 

NOTE: Add and Clearare already enabled. The Clearicon is used to clear the search bar.

12. Select the created stock order from the list and click the Assign Purchase Order Numbericon.

13. Assign a purchase order number and select Save.

14. When a purchase order number is assigned, all vendors, whose parts are used in the stock order will get an email for every selected part. Those who are entered in the Email To and Email CC fields will get an email as well.


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