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Proteus MMX Technical Features


[1.]  Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Eagle Technology has standard reports and KPIs and will provide up to two (2) custom KPI's and eight (8) custom reports to be defined by annually, as requested

[2.]  System Integration

Eagle Technology will provide integration to the BAS system via our PAI module. We support any BACnet/IP-enabled application for integration. Other integrations will require interaction with the individual vendors to configure properly (security and lighting). See the provided video on how this is accomplished.

[3.]  Updating Work Order Information

Anytime a task is updated for a PM, any open work order, or the next time the work order is generated, the new task will be in place. Refer to the provided video which shows this capability. 

[4.]  Labor Load Balancing

 Labor load balancing is a standard feature. See the provided videoon how this is accomplished.

[5.]  Data Segregation

Data is segregated in Proteus MMX based on facility, roles, and users. See the provided video.

[6.]  Creation and Access of Security Roles

See the provided video on how this is accomplished.

[7.]  Controlling Access Rights to Viewing Attachments

See the provided video.

[8.]  Viewing User-Defined Security Profile Codes

See the provided video.

[9.]  Accessing Privileges at the Individual, Role, and Group Levels

See the provided video.

[10.]  User Group Settings

Eagle Technology will provide default user group settings, but they can easily and quickly be modified by the system administrator. See the provided video in 1.38.

[11.]  Ability to Lock and Hide Specific Data Fields

See the “data fields” provided video.

Capital Asset and Project Management

[1.]  The Ability to Capture and Manage Asset Information for Vertical and Horizontal Assets & Equipment

See the provided video.

Maintenance Management

[1.]  Implementing and Managing a Preventive and Scheduled OEM Maintenance Program

See the provided video.

[2.]  Implementing and Managing Web-Based Service Request/ Work Order Process

See the provided video.

[3.]  Month-At-A-Glance Views

See the provided video.

[4.]  Parts & Inventory Tracking System

See the provided video.

[5.]  Preventive Maintenance Inspection Functionality

See the provided video.

Other Information

[1.]  Work Order Labor History Detail

View Video Clip HERE.

[2.]  Work Order Labor History Detail

View Video Clip HERE.

[3.]  Work Order Contracted Service Detail

View Video Clip HERE.

[4.]  Manpower Schedule Summary 

View video Clip HERE.

[5.]  Manpower Schedule Detail

View video Clip HERE.

[6.]  Work Order Statistics Maintenance Status

View video Clip HERE.

[7.]  Equipment Replacement Scheduling

View Video Clip HERE.

[8.]  Equipment Downtime Details

View Video Clip HERE.

[9.]  Spare Parts

View Video Clip HERE.

[10.]  Purchase Order Form 

View Video Clip HERE.

[11.]  Stock Activity Inventory Value & Inventory Item Usage

Video Clip HERE.

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