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Proteus MMX Mobile Quick Reference Card: Requisition

Main Menu

Tap to go to an area.

Receive Items from PO

From the Dashboard, select Receiving.This will display all open purchase orders. Select the appropriate purchase order to receive. The details of the Purchase Order will be displayed, including Stockroom and Non-Stockroom Parts and Assets listed on the PO. Selecting Scan Barcode allows the receiver to receive the PO Parts using the barcode scanner. Select parts to be received. Enter the Invoice Number and Packing Slip Number --if applicable-- and select Receiver.Click on the Save button, then select Receive.Enter in the quantity received and click SaveThe following screen will appear, displaying the items received. 

Barcode Scan

May come from the device camera or an external scanner by paired Bluetooth device.

Updating Inventory

From the Proteus MMX Mobile Barcode screen, click on Inventory Transaction.This will launch the barcode scanner. Once the barcode is scanned, the number appears in the display. Select Doneto open the Transaction screen. Select what type of transaction that is to be completed (Add, Subtract or Adjust) by selecting the Type from the drop-down list.

Enter in the quantity of the transaction. Select Cost Center, enter Unit Cost and Description--if applicable-- then click Save.A confirmation screen will display for acknowledgment.