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Proteus MMX Mobile Quick Reference Card

Main Menu

Tap to go to an area.

Work Orders

The work orders assigned to the employee, whose username and password was used to login to Proteus MMX Mobile will be listed.

Tap the available work order for Actions menu!



This allows the user to view specific details of the work order.


This allows the user to view any tasks associated with the work order.


This allows the user to view any parts that have been assigned to the work order, the user can update the number of parts used on the work order.


This allows the user to close the current work order.


This allows the user to view attachments associated with the work order, such as schematic drawings, lock out/ tag out procedures, part images, etc.

PO = Purchase Order

WO = Work Order

Create a WO from an Asset

A new work order can be created from the Asset Details. Click on Create Work Order and follow the Creating New Work Order steps. 

Change the Status of an Asset

From the In Serviceto Out of Serviceor vice-versa, use the following steps:

From the Asset Details screen, scroll down to the Actions section and select Change Status.

New WO

From the Proteus MMX Mobile Dashboard, click on Work Orders  and then New.Enter the required date. Click on the Save button to generate the work order. A confirmation message will appear.