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Proteus MMX Training Manual - Supervisory Functions & Settings

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Labor Load Balancing

1. Overview

Labor Load Balancing is a graphical and interactive display of active preventative maintenance and demand maintenance work orders scheduled by personnel. Labor Load Balancing is located under the Work OrdersModule drop-down.

Personnel is searchable using the search box. An employee is considered "on a work order" if they are in the tasks and labor tab of an active work order.

The arrow button next to the graph moves the user into the next week for that user. 

This is the screen showing 'daily' details for an employee. The employee is highlighted. Each work order will be represented by the info cards shown above. The exclamation icon will take the user to a tooltip showing all the tasks assigned to the user on the work order, as well as the 'Additional Details' panel. These items cannot be edited from here.

The user can switch jobs assigned to employees, by dragging and dropping the card to another user. For example, the user could drag 'Work Order 20160101001' by the 'handle' on the left side of the card to Sam Richards. Jim Holzman would be removed from all tasks on the work order, and Sam Richards will be added.

The card will disappear from Jim Holzman's queue and appear in Sam Richards.

2. Employee Shifts

In shift-based scheduling, we maintain shifts for scheduler activation. Scheduler services would be activated in given shift time. 

To access Employee Shifts in Proteus MMX:

  1. Go to the Settingsmodule
  2. Go to he Work Orderssection of the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Shifts.

How to Properly Utilize the Employee Shifts feature in Proteus MMX:


a. Click the Add (+)button to add a shift.

Select any given shift or click on the Add (+)button to create your own shift for your facility.

Here you can enter your shift name and select the facility from the drop-down (You can select multiple facilities.) (1)

Only selected facilities can use this shift. After giving the Start Timeand Stop Time(2), click the Savebutton. (3)

As you click the Savebutton, it will give you an alert stating that your record was successfully submitted. Click on the Closebutton. 

Now select your shift from the Shiftsdrop-down.

As you select the shift from the drop-down, Facilityand Shift Time(Start TimeStop Time) will be populated in Read-Only mode.

You can modify or delete your shift by selecting shift from the below screen and then click on Modify(to modify the shift) or delete (to remove the shift).


a. Click the Add (+)button on Shiftmembers.

Here, you can add multiple members by selecting employees. Click on the Savebutton once you have completed your selection. 

You can delete shift members by selecting a member and clicking on the Delete (-)button. 


a. Now you'll have to create a work order master using that shift you have created.

How to Create a Work Order Master, Using the Newly Created Shift:

      1. Go to the Work OrderModule drop-down
      2. Click on Work Order Masters
      3. Click the Newicon.
      4. Locate the Shiftdrop-down to utilize your newly created shift.

3. Small Tables Set-Up

For various countries selections to be available they must be added prior to work order entries. These can be added to the Settingsfeature.


To set-up countries, go to Settings, then Countriesto add countries for the company.

Select the Newicon to add a new country

Type in the new Country name and select the Saveicon to add the new Country.


To set-up countries, go to Settings, then Divisionsto add divisions for the company.

Select the Newicon to add a new Division.

Enter a new Division name and select the Saveicon to add the new Division.

4. Adding Part Numbers

When adding a part, the following naming convention is recommended:

Location ID, followed by the vendor part number

Enter a new part number and part name (and other pertinent information), and select the Saveicon. 

5. Require Labor Hours

When manual entry of labor hours is required, you can go to:

Settings > Work Order Numbers.

There, you will click on the 'Require Labor Hours' checkbox. When selected, the setting will override the automatic default hours normally inserted when the user clicks the 'Complete and Close'icon, forcing manual entry from the Tasks and Labortab.

6. Service Request Settings - Facility

Facility-specific selections can be turned on 'On' or 'Off' by going to

Settings > General > Global Options

There you will select 'YES' or 'NO' on the Service Request Facilities checkbox.

If you select 'YES,' then the service request filter will work as follows:

  1. This drop-down will populate requesters based on facilities selection by the user.
  2. New facilities drop-down will be added; it will show all facilities in ascending order.

If you select 'NO,' then the create service request page will continue to work as it is, allowing for any selections (not facility or user-based).

7. Search for Requester

When there is a large volume of requesters, the search function can be utilized to quickly find a requester by typing a few key letters. 

To access the Requesters search field:

1. Go to Settings > Company > Requesters

2. Type your query in the search bar (1). Results will populate based off what you entered.

Example: If you enter 'ab', the field will populate with results containing 'ab'(2)

8. Company Address & Logo

At any time, you can change the company name and logo by going to:

Settings > Addresses

9. Associating Requesters with Facility

The Requesters view under settings allows you to associate requesters with facilities. 

To access the Requesters view:

Settings > Company > Requesters

You can also create new requesters (1) and edit current requesters (2) in this grid view. A name is required for all requesters, but the email and phone number may be optionally added.

10. Parts & Assets Units

Additional units can be added from the Settingsmenu.

To access these fields:

  • Settings > Inventory > Measurement Unit


  • Settings > Assets > Runtime Units

You have the option to create a new unit or edit a current unit (1). It is recommended that a standard is established.

I.E. HRS for Hours, HR, H, etc. 

11. Print Settings

There is an enhancement in the Printfunctionality of the Work Ordermodule. You're given the option to export your work order to rich text. 

If selected 'YES,' then the work order will print in Rich Text Format.If selected 'NO,' the work order will print in normal format.

12. Maintenance Tag, SHE Tag & Operator Tag

The Maintenance tag, SHE tag, and Operator tag are in the Service Request Portal,under the Settingsmodule.

To Access the Service Request Portal:

  1. Go to the SettingsModule
  2. Scroll down the menu, and click Portal,under Service Requests
  3. Click the tag in which you desire to use